If you’re interested in knowing what lurks under the hood of the internet, navigating the dark web isn’t too difficult — but it’s not without risk. Imagine yourself in a town with secret back streets. It’s easy to explore however, if you go down the wrong path it could be hazardous.

In short, the dark web is a source of criminal activities such as drug transactions as well as black-hat hacking and terrorism. It’s also a venue for those who aren’t a part of society, such as hitmen, human traffickers, and corrupt officials. However, the dark web isn’t all bad. It also serves as a kind find out of liaison between political outcasts and people who live in the world of free and acts as a channel for those who wish to share anonymous information (whistleblowers).

Tor is a special browser that lets you access the dark web. It’s similar to a VPN in that it secures your internet requests and removes geo-location labels your ISP or the government may use to track you. Tor also enhances your privacy by routing your request through a network of volunteer servers all over the world.

After installing and configuring Tor After installing and configuring Tor, you can start browsing the dark web. Content isn’t as well-indexed like the web’s surface however there are many sites worth checking out. You’ll find websites where you can purchase illegal drugs and guns as well as tutorials on how to hide your digital footprint or launch ransomware attacks.

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