The Wines 

Pet NatThe most natural way to create bubbles

Méthode ancestrale ∼  This is a natural method that consists of making wine in a single fermentation. This is done by stopping the alcoholic fermentation in progress and then restarting it in the bottle at a later stage to capture the bubbles.

Alcoholic fermentation ∼  From a single fermentation, the juice begins to ferment in stainless steel vats using indigenous yeasts found naturally in the environment. The sugar content of the juice decreases as the alcohol content increases. The carbon dioxide produced during this reaction is initially free to escape.
To make our Pet'nat (naturally, lightly sparkling wines), we stop the alcoholic fermentation by cooling the wine before bottling it (below a certain temperature, the yeasts will stop consuming the sugar).

RésistantsA kind of Super Organic

PierreCrafter of wines

Plô Grand BâtardA turning point for the Bâtard range!

Brut NatureNaked wines

IncipiereIn the beginning, there was Carignan



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