Our DNA 


Pierre Caizergues ∼ AOP Malepère (the guy in the baseball cap)

On a clear day, the Pyrenees in the distance seem almost unreal, and then the panorama becomes magical: welcome to the Malepère massif, nicknamed "La Petite Toscane" (Little Tuscany)!

Antonin Bonnet ∼ AOP Terrasse du Larzac

-"The Causses du Larzac have always impressed me - even though we're in the south, there's a mountainous feeling here - in ten minutes you go from oaks to conifers, from blistering heat to cool temperatures, from Gobelet-trained Grenache to sheep's milk cheese."

Meeting on 4 July ∼ the New York episode

First handshake in the vibrant East Village neighbourhood in the heart of Manhattan in September 2010. The ideas came thick and fast, and so did the wine! We talked about the Mediterranean and the future of the Occitan and Cathar territories in the South of France. We were two young people in search of the Languedoc dream!


Resistant grape varieties ∼ the obvious way to go…

This new winegrowing area was a no-brainer for us. We have chosen to grow RESISTANT grape varieties to bring you natural, virtuous and eco-friendly wines. Resistant grape varieties require 10 times less treatment than organic - which means significant savings in energy, water and labour, as well as a much smaller carbon footprint.

Natural vinification ∼ wines of the future?

We were not dogmatic about it, but we decided to go for natural vinification. Since the organic grapes are so healthy and pure, we decided to vinify them with indigenous yeasts and not to add any additives or sulphites during the whole process.

Eco-designed packaging ∼ bye-bye aluminium!

We print our labels on paper made from alternative fibres, we have chosen lightweight bottles made in Albi, less than 80 km from the vineyards, corks from the Roussillon region and a wax seal instead of industrial aluminium capsules.

Nature under threat ∼ another year, another hive!

Every year we install a new beehive on the Domaine de Stricou estate. We are working to protect the bees, the most emblematic link in the chain of biodiversity, which are responsible for a large part of the pollination on the domaine.


A newborn winegrower ∼ a proud négociant.

We plan and blend each of our wines in the heart of the Languedoc region in order to bring out and showcase the terroirs of the South of France that we love so much. After all these years spent on Planet Wine, our vision is an ecological, humanist and planet-positive one. We work with winegrowers whom we know, respect and admire. We create tomorrow’s wines with complete transparency.

Blends from two skillful sets of hands ∼ tomorrow’s

The art of blending different cuvées of wines vinified separately, either by grape variety or by terroir, requires real expertise. It involves blending and combining the different cuvées and adjusting their proportions to best complement each other. The freshness of one grape variety will balance the power of another, or the concentration of one cuvée will be softened by the elegance of another. The key is to look ahead and anticipate what the years might bring while respecting the particular characteristics of each vintage, grape variety and terroir. It is during this delicate phase that the wine finds its own identity. This is PIERRE & ANTONIN's hallmark signature.



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