The right solution for data storage will reduce costs and speed up access to information and improve security for your company. Find out more about the options available and then make the best choice for your company.

Virtual Storage Appliance

Virtual Storage Appliances (VSA) are a software-based alternative to physical storage systems. They operate in the virtualized environment of the basis of a virtual machine (VM), abstracting the storage resources and presenting them as an individual storage device to the hosts and VMs that comprise the host infrastructure. VSAs offer flexibility, scalability, and cost savings, while also integrating seamlessly with virtualization platforms.

SAN Storage

SAN storage stores files on multiple disks, which offers redundancy and better performance than traditional block storage. VMware vSAN is different from other storage options that are port-based and can be configured in a cluster to provide optimal performance and minimal downtime.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage services come in many forms, but the most well-known are Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure. This type of storage can be utilized to archive data that is rarely used or to comply with the standards of the industry and regulations pertaining to retention of records.

It’s inevitable that technical glitches will occur and it’s crucial to have a backup plan in place to avoid interruptions and loss of important business information. The right backup software will allow you to recover quickly after a problem, while still having the full access to your data. This is especially crucial for your most valuable assets, like employee and customer data.

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